Why Donate

According to the 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in 2014, there were 49,993 homeless veterans in the United States. Homeless veterans accounted for just over 11 percent of 442,723 homeless adults.


   • Most veterans experienced homelessness as individuals, 38,985 people or 96 percent. There were 1,708 veterans, or 4 percent, were homeless as members of families with children.

  • Female homeless veterans accounted for 10 percent of both the sheltered and unsheltered homeless veteran populations.

Our Mission

I started this journey to establish a non-profit as a way to help my fellow veterans who were struggling to live the American dream.


It is unthinkable that in America, the courageous men and women who volunteered to defend our freedoms are being neglected and forgotten in their time of need and desperation.


I want to make a difference to the community, the country and in the lives of our Veteran Heroes who sacrificed so much to ensure that Americans can enjoy the prosperity of our lives and our families.




Food and Shelter Relief

VA Benefits Assistance

Counseling Resources

Employer Networking Assistance

Outreach with other Veteran Organizations